How to quit your 9-5 in 4 steps?

Imagine working your whole life in a job that you don’t love. Living a life that doesn’t feel like you’re in charge. Day in, day out, a cycle of apartment, commute, office, commute, gym, dinner …… and repeat. And that just goes on until you’re 68 and can finally retire!  Then there’s an unforeseen eventContinue reading “How to quit your 9-5 in 4 steps?”

Fear and paralysis stand between you and success

Here’s my story, explaining my relationship with fear, and overcoming it. I studied in Berlin in 2012, with no real idea about where I was going or what I really wanted to do. I was studying hard but with no specific goal in mind. While playing football, I got a knee injury. A cruciate ligamentContinue reading “Fear and paralysis stand between you and success”